AST1440 -- Radiation (Fall 2012)


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Assignment 4 posted.

Contact Information:

Instructor: Prof. Yanqin Wu
Lectures: Tuesday 10-11:30AM (AB114)

               Thursday 12-1:30PM (AB113)

Email: wu@astro
Office: MP1210, x8-5633

Links to useful papers


Some Lecture Notes

Long Presentations:

"free subject"  either based on real examples of radiative transfer, or detailed discussion of a process not covered in class. 20 minutes each + 10 minutes of question/discussion.

Do not attempt to be overly mathematical, but try to illuminate the physics for your fellow students. Always, give concrete examples. And the best presentations involve order-of-magnitude estimates.

Send me title of your presentation by Friday Nov. 31st. You may wish to discuss with me before-hand on potential topics.

Previous years’ presentation topics include SZ effect, Limb darkening, Bok Globules, Faraday rotation, Cherenkov radiation, Gunn-Peterson effect, Large velocity gradient method, determining mass of molecular clouds, Damped Ly-alpha systems, spinning dust and CMB foreground....

The above ‘Links to useful papers’ may be helpful.

Presentation schedule:

Dec. 4th:

Jielai -- star formation in Ly-alpha clouds

Ari -- Gunn-Peterson effect & reionization

Pegah -- submm determination of cloud mass

Max -- polarized light from dust

Dec. 6th:

Elliot -- Cherenkov radiation & CR

Naoya -- Faraday rotation

Stevens -- spinning dust & cmb

Lisa -- large velocity gradient method