Lectures & Readings


Sep. 13th

Overview, astronomical backgrounds

Ch. 1, 2 of HKV


Sep. 20th


HKV Ch. 3 , focus on 3.1-3.6

short presentation: Jeffrey


Sep. 27th

Heat loss

HKV Ch. 4.1-4.4, Ch. 5.1

short presentations: Yevgeny & Mia


Oct. 4th

Energy production

Kippenhahn & Weigert (KW) Chap. 18

short presentations: Etsuko & Dan


Oct. 11th

Sun-like stars

1st class: evolution

HKV Ch. 9.1 & 9.2

Our Sun. III. Present and Future, Sackman et al, ApJ, 1993,

Our Sun. V. A Bright Young Sun Consistent with Helioseismology and Warm Temperatures on Ancient Earth and Mars Sackman & Boothroyd, ApJ, 2003


Oct. 18th

2nd class: helioseismology

guest lecture: Peter Goldreich

HKV Ch. 8.1, 9.5,

Solar oscillations and the equation of state, Christensen-Dalsgaard & Dappen, A&A Review, 1992

The Current State of Solar Modeling Christensen-Dalsgaard et al, Science, 1996

3rd class: chemical composition

long presentation & discussion leader: Jeffrey

HKV Ch. 9.3

The Chemical Composition of the Sun , Asplund et al, ARA&A, 2009


Oct. 25th

Brown dwarfs and planets

4th class: rotation & mixing

HKV Ch. 9.4, KW Ch. 42

Mixing in stars,Pinsonneault ARA&A, 1997

1st class: overview

long presentation & discussion leader: Yevgeny

The search for brown dwarfs Stevenson, 1991, ARA&A

Observations of Brown Dwarfs Basri, ARA&A, 2000


Nov. 1st

2nd class: eos & opacity

The Interior Structure, Composition, and Evolution of Giant Planets Fortney & Nettlemann, SSRv, 2010

Giant Planets Guillot & Gautier, Treatise of Geophysics, 2009

The Theory of Brown Dwarfs and Extrasolar Giant Planets Burrows et al, RMPh, 2001

The physical properties of extra-solar planets Baraffe et al, RMMh, 2010

3rd class: sizes of gas giants & brown dwarfs

The mass-radius relationship from solar-type stars to terrestrial planets: a review Chabrier et al, AIPC, 2009

Thermal Structure and Radius Evolution of Irradiated Gas Giant Planets Arras & Bildsten, ApJ, 2006

THE INTERIORS OF GIANT PLANETS: models and outstanding questions Guillot, AREPS, 2005


Nov. 8th

Binary stars

1st class: overview

HKV Ch. 2.13

Evolutionary Processes in Close Binary Systems Paczynski, ARA&A, 1971

2nd class: CVs

long presentation & discussion leader: Etsuko

Formation and Evolution of Cataclysmic Variables Ritter, lecture notes, 2008

Short-period AM CVn systems as optical, X-ray and gravitational-wave sources Nelemans et al, MNRAS, 2004


Nov. 15th

3rd class: (cancelled)

4th class: Type Ia SN

guest lecture: M. van Kerkwijk

Type IA Supernova Explosion Models Hillebrandt & Niemeyer, ARA&A, 2000


Nov. 22th

Massive stars

1st class: evolution

KW Ch. 31, 33, 42

The Evolution of Rotating Stars Maeder & Meynet, ARA&A, 2000

The evolution and explosion of massive stars Woosley et al, RvMP, 2002

2nd class: explosion

KW Ch. 34

long presentation & discussion leader: Dan

The evolution and explosion of massive stars Woosley et al, RvMP, 2002

Progenitors of Core-Collapse Supernovae Smartt, ARA&A, 2009


Nov. 29th

3rd class: neutron stars & X-ray binaries

HKV Ch. 2.12, KW Ch. 36 & 37

long presentation & discussion leader: Mia

Origin and evolution of X-ray binaries and binary radio pulsars Verbunt, ARA&A, 1993

Populations of X-Ray Sources in Galaxies Fabbiano, ARA&A, 2006

4th class: Pop III stars & Course Review


Dec. 6th project reports

report on computer projects (15 min. each) Jeffrey, Mia, Yevgeny, Etsuko, Dan