AST121 -- The Origin and Evolution of the Universe (Spring 2018)


Welcome to AST121. 

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Contact Information:

Instructor: Prof. Yanqin Wu

email: ('at' to be substituted by @)
Lectures: Wednesday and Friday, 12 noon, Room LM159
Office hours:  Wed. 4:30-5:30pm, Room MP1210

Help sessions:

1) Tuesday 1-2pm, AB107

  1. 2)Wed. 1-2pm, AB107

Teaching Assistants: 

Ms. Anita Bahmanyar;  Mr. Ryan Cloutier;  Ms. Siqi Liu

Joint email: (‘at’ to be substituted by @)

Pre-final help sessions (bring your questions):

April 6th 12-1pm, LM159,  Ryan, Anita

April 10th 1-2pm, AB107, Siqi, Yanqin

April 11th 12-2pm (2 hrs), AB107 Anita, Siqi

Eh, this is the universe?  (APOD)