AST 221H1 F "Stars and Planets"

Term: 2013 Fall

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Starry night over the Rhone by van Gogh (1888)

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3rd Exam on Dec 2 (Mon), Class Hour

Presentation report due on Dec 4 (12:10 pm at AB128, Prof. Moon's office).

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Basic Course Information

  • Class Hours: 12pm Mon. Wed. and Fri. (usually 2 lectures and 1 tutorial)
  • Class Location: AB117, Cody Hall
  • Instructor: Dae-Sik Moon (moon at, AB128); Nominal Office Hour: 2-3 pm Monday
  • Teaching Assistants: Nick Tacik (tacik at, MP1318), Maxwell Millar-Blanchaer (maxmb at, AB121); Nominal TA office hours: 11am-12pm Tuesday (Nick) & 12pm-1pm Thursday (Maxwell)
  • Main Reference/Textbook: "An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics" 2nd edition, by B. W. Carroll & D. A. Ostlie (Addison-Wesley, 2006). This book is rather expensive. However, it will be used as a textbook (or main reference) for AST222 and AST320 as well. Note that the lecture notes of this course will try to be self-explanatory.
  • Course Overview and Topics
    "Scientific interpretations (and predictions) of observed phenomena related to stars and planets."
    In this course, students will learn how to apply basic physical concepts and mathematical tools to develop understandings of stars, solar system and planets. Topics include: stellar structure, stellar evolution, stellar deaths, physics and constituents of the solar system, and extra-solar planets .
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