I enjoy working with students at all levels of their education. My approach is to mentor and collaborate with each student one-on-one as we study the stars of interest to us.

Undergraduate Students

  • Jason Broersma - Senior project "The Winds of Hybrid Stars", BSc 1998. Jason is now a high school science teacher.
  • Ana Lopes - Senior project "A New Spectroscopic Diagnostic for the Determination of Surface Gravity in Cool, Luminous Stars", BSc 2005. Ana is now employed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Rayomond Dinshaw - Senior project "Limb Darkening: A New Approach to Stellar Mass Determination, using Arcturus as a Test Case", BSc 2010. Rayomond completed his MSc in the chemistry department, University of Toronto and then got his law degree from Queen's University.
  • Ian Tretyakov - Senior project "Cepheid Pulsation Coding Model, Modifying ATLAS to Support Pulsation Mechanism", BSc 2015. Ian is now a PhD student in the physics department at the University of Toronto.

    Master of Science Students

  • Petrusia Bojetchko-Kowalsky - "An Alternative Formulation of the Equation of Transfer for LTE Atmospheres", MSc 1983. Petrusia is now a high school science teacher.
  • Michael S. Fieldus - "A Program to Compute Line Blanketed Spherical Stellar Atmospheres", MSc 1988. Mike is now deceased.
  • T. A. Aaron. Sigut - "A Non-LTE Analysis of Mg II in B Stars", MSc 1990. Aaron is now a professor in the department of physics and astronomy at Western University.
  • Christopher Tycner - "Synthetic Simulation of a New Method of Measuring Solar-like Oscillations", MSc 2000. Chris is now chairman of the physics department at Central Michigan University.
  • PhD Students

  • Mary C. Lane - "A Quantitative Spectroscopic Study of the Metallic-Line Stars", PhD 1981. Mary is now working in industry.
  • Dimitar Sasselov - "A Study of the He I 10830 Line in the Atmospheres of Classical Cepheids", PhD 1990. Dimitar is now a professor of astronomy at Harvard University and the founding directory of Harvard's Origins of Life Initiative.
  • C. Ian Short - "The Structure of the Outer Atmospheres of Cool Stars", PhD 1994. Ian is now a full professor in the department of astronomy and physics at St. Mary's University, where he has also been the chair of the department.
  • T. A. Aaron Sigut - "Infrared Rydberg Transitions in B Stars", PhD 1994. Aaron is now a professor in the department of physics and astronomy at Western University.
  • Devon Hamilton - "Observational Signatures of Convection in Solar Type Stars", PhD 2001. Devon was a senior scientist, physics, at the Ontario Science Centre before going to the TELUS Spark Science Centre, Calgary, Alberta where he was the Vice President and Director of Content and Exhibits. He has now the principal and owner of the company Playful Content
  • Christopher Tycner - "High Precision Optical Interferometry and Application to Be Stars", PhD 2004. Chris is now chair of the physics department at Central Michigan University.
  • Hilding R. Neilson - "The Dynamic Atmospheres of Classical Cepheids: Studies of Atmospheric Extension, Mass Loss and Shocks", PhD 2009. From 2009 to 2012 Hilding held postdoctoral positions at the University of Bonn, Germany. Initially Hilding was a Fraunhofer postdoctoral fellow, and then held a national Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship. He then returned to North America and had a the position of research assistant professor at East Tennessee State University. Hilding is currently a limited-term assistant professor at the University of Toronto.
  • Postdoctoral Students

  • Gregg A. Wade 1998-2000. Gregg is now a professor and head of the physics department at the Royal Military College.