The Red Sequence Cluster Survey 2

  • The Red Sequence Cluster Survey 2 (RCS2) is the largest systematic search for galaxy clusters ever undertaken. Using the square-degree imager, MegaCam, on the CFHT, we are imaging nearly 1000 square degrees of sky in three filters (g', r', z') in order to find clusters out to z~1. The project uses the ubiquitous red-sequence of cluster early-type galaxies to identify clusters with a well-understood selection function. This technique was used with great success in the 90 square degree R and z survey, RCS1.

  • The enormous catalogue of galaxy clusters generated will be used to study both cosmology and cluster evolution. A survey of this size and quality is required to probe dark energy and measure the parameter, w, describing the equation of state of the Universe. A large number of follow-up projects aimed at studying a core sample of clusters at many different wavelengths, with a variety of cutting-edge instrumentation, will provide calibrations for the whole cluster sample. The different techniques used will provide essential independent tests of the accuracy of the estimators, and examine important cluster physics.

  • The RCS2 collaboration comprises an international team of over 20 members from Canada, USA, Taiwan and Chile.

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