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RA: Between 21h50m58.50000s and 21h51m38.50000s
DEC: Between -5d27m55.6500s and -4d40m40.0000s
GLON: Unconstrained
GLAT: Unconstrained
Redshift: Unconstrained
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2 object(s) found in NED.
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2 object(s) found in NED.    Skyplot(first 100)

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              Object Name                 EquJ2000.0               Velocity/Redshift    Dist.        Number of        
 No.     (* => Essential Note)       RA               DEC  Type     km/s      z   Qual arcmin Refs Notes Phot Posn Vel/z Images
1   *PMN J2151-0525                 21h51m08.6s -05d25m58s RadioS    ...      ...         0.0 2    0    1    1    0      Retrieve
2    PMN J2151-0511                 21h51m38.3s -05d11m16s RadioS    ...      ...         0.0 2    0    1    1    0      Retrieve

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