The Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto shares our institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence, inclusion and respect. We are a diverse community of faculty, students, scientists, staff and visitors, who strive toward an environment for our research, teaching and learning that is professional, inclusive and collaborative, and in which everyone is treated with equity and dignity.

Excellence in Research & Learning

We commit to providing a world-class academic environment, by bringing together leading researchers and educators and by giving them access to the best facilities and ideas. This includes:

Integrity, Professionalism & Collaboration

We commit to acting in a professional manner as individuals, in teams, and across the astronomy community, regardless of rank and role. This includes:

Diverse & Inclusive Academic Community

We commit to fostering and defending an equitable and inclusive environment. This includes:

Respect & Courtesy

We commit to maintaining a collegial work environment in which we all treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect, regardless of position or status in the department, and for all our activities both on and off campus. This includes:

[1]University of Toronto Governing Council: Statement on Freedom of Speech

[2]University of Toronto Governing Council: Policy on Ethical Conduct in Research

[3]The Ontario Human Rights Code 

[4]Human Resources Guideline on Civil Conduct