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Renée Hložek (she/her)

Assistant Professor, DADDAA & Dunlap observational cosmology, theoretical cosmology, cosmic microwave background, supernovae, astrostatistics, reionisationPh.D. 2011, Oxford
Work Phone: 416-978-4971
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My research focuses on theoretical cosmology and statistical methods in cosmology. I am a member of the Atacama Cosmology Telescope collaboration and the Simons Observatory, which are studying the cosmic microwave background (or CMB) at very sharp angular resolution to unlock the secrets of the early universe and the period of star formation. I use this data to answer questions about the structure of the universe, its initial conditions and its eventual fate using data.

I am also a member of the Dark Energy Science Collaboration of LSST, which is a telescope under construction in Northern Chile, and will scan the sky to deliver a vast amount of cosmic transients. I work on the supernova science with LSST to use the photometric data (without a spectrum of the object) to answer questions about dark energy.

I’m passionate about science communication and outreach, and the intersection of art and science – so contact me if you’re interested in collaboration!

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