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Dae-Sik Moon

Professor Experimental astrophysics and astronomical instrumentation (IR and optical),compact objects (black holes, neutron stars, and X-ray binaries), supernovae and GRBs, supernova remnants, highly-obscured hard X-ray sourcesPh.D Cornell, 2004
Work Phone: 416-978-6566 Website: http://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~moon
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My research interest lies primarily in experimental astrophysics and astronomical instrumentation, along with observational studies of various objects. I’ve developed instruments, especially infrared spectrographs (e.g., WIFIS, NIRES, MOSMAS), and am interested in advancing novel devices (e.g., polarization gratings) and techniques for astronomical applications. Observationally, I am more interested in objects with high-energy phenomena, such as supernovae and supernova remnants (both stellar and gaseous), optical transients, ultra-luminous X-ray sources and massive stars.
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