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Photo of Ayush Pandhi
Radio astronomy; galactic magnetism and evolution; pulsars; fast radio bursts
Website: http://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~ayush.pandhi/
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Photo of Adiv Paradise (he/him)
Supervisor: Kristen Menou Computational models and observability of exoplanet climates at the cold edge of the habitable zone
Website: http://astro.utoronto.ca/~paradise/

Biographical Info

I grew up in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and did my undergrad in physics and astronomy at the University of Minnesota. My hobbies have variously included hiking, biking, ultimate frisbee, lindy hop, and keeping tropical freshwater fish in my office. I am of the strong opinion that extreme cold such as that found in Minnesota and Canadian winters feels better than the mild-yet-humid cold of marginally-warmer climates, and that having strong seasonal climate variations builds character.

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Photo of Gautam Patel
Financial Officer
Work Phone: 416-946-7119
Categories: Staff
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Photo of Aarya Patil
Supervisor: Gwen Eadie and Jo Bovy
Website: https://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~patil
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Photo of Ue-Li Pen
Professor, Acting Director of CITA n-body and hydro simulations, origin of galaxy spin, dark energy: 21cm cosmology, BAO, absorber acceleration. FRB and pulsars: gravitational waves, wave optics, lensing.Ph.D. 1995, Princeton
Website: http://www.cita.utoronto.ca/~pen/
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Photo of Bo Peng
Supervisor: Diana Valencia
Website: https://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~peng
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Photo of John R. Percy
Professor, Emeritus Variable stars and stellar evolution; education and outreach.Ph.D. 1968, Toronto
Work Phone: 416-978-2577 Website: http://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~percy/EPOindex.htm

Biographical Info

I use variable stars to study the nature and evolution of stars. My current interest centers on
pulsating red giants and supergiants, which represent the semi-final stages of stars’ lives, and are poorly-understood, compared with other variable star types.  I use archival data, especially from the
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), which stretches back for a century or more, edit the Journal of the AAVSO, and otherwise facilitate the contributions of skilled amateurs to
variable star research. I am also engaged in a wide variety of astronomy education and outreach projects.
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Photo of Natalie Price-Jones
Superviser: Jo Bovy Natalie Price-Jones studies the history of the Milky Way galaxy by measuring the chemistry of individual stars with high resolution spectroscopy.The dynamics of stars within a galaxy, studied through theoretical modelling and spectral observations
Website: http://astro.utoronto.ca/~price-jones

Biographical Info

Natalie Price-Jones did her undergraduate in astrophysics at the University of Toronto. She has served for two years as a co-director of the AstroTours program, and is currently the co-president of the Graduate Astronomy Students Association. In her time off, she’s an avid fan of science fiction and a stationery collector.

Categories: Graduate Students
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