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Prof. Percy wins CASCA's inaugural Qilak Award

Professor Emeritus John Percy wins the inaugural Qilak Award from CASCA.

In the congratulating notes by Chair Howard Yee, he cited the quotes from the CASCA announcement for the award:

"A highly active researcher, and the author of more than 200 papers in
the refereed literature, Prof. Percy is perhaps best known for his
career-long efforts to increase public understanding of science. He has
been an indefatigable champion of science education at all levels, and
of public outreach in Canada and internationally for the past four
decades, with a list of accomplishments that is deep and wide-ranging.
He has held many leadership positions in science education and public
outreach, including terms as President of the Commission on Teaching and
Development of the IAU (1994-97), and of the Astronomical Society of the
Pacific (1997-99). From 1978 to 1980, he was President of the Royal
Astronomical Society of Canada, and has devoted long hours to leading
and promoting effective partnerships with amateur astronomers and
informal educators who inspire the public outside the formal education
structure. A leading figure in Canada's International Year of Astronomy
(IYA) efforts, Prof. Percy has also spearheaded the Beyond IYA project,
with the key goal of using astronomy to inspire youth from underserved
communities. In 2003, Prof. Percy was awarded the Northrop Frye Award by
the University of Toronto for his 'exemplary linkage of teaching and
research.' "

Congratulations!  John.