Publication of research papers

Publication of research work is naturally encouraged, but since a typical paper can cost over a thousand dollars in page and reprint charges, it is not a matter to be taken lightly. The following procedures should be noted:

  • Student papers must be approved (for style and content) by the supervisor before they are submitted to a journal.
  • In the case of faculty, page charges are paid from the author’s operating grant. In the case of students, they will be paid from the Reinhardt Fund provided the supervisor has approved the paper prior to its submission to the journal. Where a student is a joint author, the Reinhardt Fund will pay his or her pro-rated share (half if two authors, a third if three, etc.).
  • Whenever a paper is submitted, the appropriate form (available in the mailroom) must be filled in and returned to the Financial Officer. This is necessary in order that the department can keep track of the work being done by its members.
  • Two preprints of each paper should be sent to the Librarian so everyone has a chance to see what work is being done by their colleagues.
  • In the case of papers arising from theses but published after the student has left the department, page charges will be paid by the Reinhardt Fund for the student’s pro-rated share provided that:
    • (a) the paper or papers are submitted within about one year of the student’s completion of the requirements for the degree;
    • (b) the (former) supervisor agrees that the papers are mainly based on the thesis.
    • (c) the author’s institution will be shown on the paper as DA.
  • The above steps, other than the last, will apply to post-doctoral fellows as well as students, although in the event of any shortage of funds, students take precedence.