Long-distance Calls, Printing, etc.

In these very difficult budgetary times it is essential that we keep track of all costs. Long-distance calls have proved to be a bane in this regard. There are three categories of such calls: (i) those made for research purposes which are charged to supervisors’ operating grants, (ii) those made for administrative purposes, charged to the department, and (iii) personal calls. Please cooperate by filling in the appropriate forms located next to telephones or available in the department office whenever you make a long-distance call.

There are three similar categories for photocopying. Assignments of codes for the photocopier and fax machines are done by the Administrative Assistants. Personal photocopying is charged at 9¢ a copy.

The department has a FAX machine at AB. The number is 416-946-7287. Request forms for the transmission of FAX messages are kept at on-site.