Key Policy

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Building and Room Keys

Keys are available from the front office with proper authorization and payment of deposit



Keys are issued to students only at the request of their supervising faculty.

Faculty must send an email stating the name of the student, which the rooms for which keys are needed.


Key Deposits

There is a $25 deposit for each key. The deposit can be paid by cash or cheque. You will be given a receipt. Please hold on to it, as you will need it to claim the deposit refund.

The deposit will be refunded via cheque and will be mailed to the mailing address on file with the front office. Note that updating ROSI or the payroll office does not update the file at the front office.


Things you should know

Your keys are your responsibility. Do not lend them to anyone.

* If a key is lost it must be reported* 

The keys should be returned at the end of the term (after exams).


 After hours safety

DO NOT prop doors open DO NOT let people you do not know into the building RELOCK hallway doors – double check the door handle to make sure the hallway door is relocked once you have gained entry.  You can relock the door by turning your key in opposite direction. If you notice suspicious activity, call campus police at 416-978-2222 or 911 In case of emergency, the emergency yellow boxes installed on the wall right next to Cody Hall and one on the wall next to the men’s washroom in the basement are connected to the campus police direct.