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Through a bequest to the Department made by Mr. Carl Reinhardt, funds are available to support publication costs and research related travel for observational field trips and presentations at conferences or collaborative research meetings.


The Reinhardt Publication Award fund is intended to contribute to the student portion of publication costs. The award is calculated by dividing the publication cost total by the number of *major* contributors (usually this is 2 to 5 co-authors: only the core contributors should be counted). E.g. 3 contributors = Reinhardt award of one-third of the total. If the publication cost is shared with DAA faculty, then the Reinhardt award is directly applied to payment of the publication invoice. If the student has already made payment, then a reimbursement claim should be submitted to the Financial Officer.

Please email your request for publication funds to grad.sec@astro.utoronto.ca:

Publication Title/Journal
Number of Core Contributors
Invoice Total


All applications for Reinhardt Travel Awards must be submitted at a minimum of two weeks prior to the travel start date, preferably much earlier. Optimally, the award request should be made adjacent to plans to participate at a conference/scientific meeting or for an observational field trip. Applications received after the two week deadline and prior to travel, will be put on-hold for consideration at the end of the academic fiscal year based on availability of funds. Requests submitted after the travel will not considered.

Again, the emphasis on early applications is for the following reasons:

Ensure that the funds are in place for the proposed research related travel plans, especially if the supervisor is unable to cover the cost.
Assist the Reinhardt Committee in budgeting in the case that funds are short: highest priority will be given to travel required for thesis work.
Secure a reasonable airfare.

Please note per university policy that if the travel is outside of Canada, a condition of the award disbursement is registration with the Safety Abroad Office in advance of travel.

Travel Award Application

To apply, the student sends an e-mail to his/her supervisor using the template below: copy and paste into email and fill-in the applicable fields. The supervisor should then forward the request with his/her approval to grad.sec@astro.utoronto.ca.

Supervisor Name:
Purpose of Trip:
Paper/poster title:
Budget (CAD currency)
Travel (airfare/train fare):
Ground connections:
Conference fees:
Meals per diem (total):
Visa fee:

Please review the following before submission of Reinhardt application.

Items that are covered:
Travel costs (competitive rate booked well advance; mass transit ground connections when available)
Conference fees (exclusive of banquet fees or membership registration)
Accommodation (competitive rate; double occupancy where applicable)
Visa fees
Meals per diem

Meal In Canada (CAD) USA or International (CAD)
Breakfast $11 $15
Lunch $17 $22.50
Dinner $27 $37.50
Total $55 $75

Note that if a meal is included in the conference fees or travel concludes midday, you should not claim the full per diem for that portion of the trip.

Items that are not covered:
Membership fees (in order to attend conference)
Banquet fees (should be offset through meal per diems)
Poster productions costs
Passport costs

Travel Award Calculations

The Reinhardt committee uses the following set of guidelines in its consideration of student applications for travel support.

A. Top Priority (weight = 1.0):

Observing/field trips on behalf of thesis research
Analysis and reduction which cannot be done local

B. Medium Priority (weight = 0.5):

Observing/field trips on behalf of non-thesis research (usually projects promoted by supervisors)
Travel to conferences/workshops to present a paper/poster on thesis research
Data reduction which can be done more easily or efficiently elsewhere
Consultation with colleagues, collaborators, or experts

C. Non-supported (weight = 0.0):

Travel to conferences/workshops for educational purposes, (i.e. no paper/poster presented)

The actual subsidy to the student is the weight factor (referred to above) times the maximum subsidy rate set by the department. Currently the rate is 75%. It is expected that the student’s supervisor will cover the difference between the actual cost and the Reinhardt subsidy. In addition to these weights, the limits of $1,750 and $1,000 will be applied to any single trip respectively. The nominal maximum support per student for each fiscal year (May 1 to April 30) is set at $2,500 contingent on availability of overall Reinhardt Travel funds.

Priority Award Amount To a Maximum
A Total * .75 $1,750
B Total * .375 $1,000

We will track the awards for each student over the year. Requests submitted after the maximum has been reached will be put on-hold. At the end of the fiscal year, these on-hold requests will be funded based on the amount of money left in the travel fund, divided amongst all the requests-on-hold. These awards will then be credited to the research grants of the supervisors. To further control the spiraling growth of travel funding, and also to encourage the timely graduation of students, requests from students who are in their sixth or higher year will be computed with an additional rate factor of 0.5 and put on the hold-list. Finally, applicants are requested to keep in mind that the Reinhardt funds are a unique, valuable and finite resource which our department is very fortunate to have. It is essential that this resource be used wisely and effectively.