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Department Base Funding

All successful doctoral stream program applicants are guaranteed financial support: 5 years of funding for the Direct-Entry PhD and 4 years of funding for those with a qualifying MSc degree s long as the student remains in good standing in the program. To calculate our department graduate funding package, we add tuition and fees to the base support:

$23,250: base graduate funding AY2018-19
+$8,490: AY2018-19 domestic tuition and fees rate*

This baseline figure includes department and university fellowships, teaching assistant salary, and research assistantship stipend (supervisor stipend support toward advancement of research goals for the doctoral degree). Note that the department provides the full base funding (inclusive of TA income) in the first year of the Direct-Entry PhD. Supervisor funds are applicable beginning in the second year or for the first year of the PhD 4-year track.

From the total, we subtract the TA income.

$31,740: total base support
-$6,355: TA income (by program entry year)
$25,385: department/university fellowships and research assistant stipend (after the first year)

Note that we use the TA rate applicable for the program entry year of the individual student. This in effect gives the student an annual TA increase. As such, there is some minor variance in this figure. The above example uses the TA rate for a student with a program entry year of 2017. (Please refer to the TA rate by year table below for individual entry year.)

TA Rates by Entry Year
Entry Year TA Rate
2018 6470
2017 6355
2016 6246
2015 6184
2014 6122
2013 6122
2012 6003
2011 5899
2010 5813


With the current DAA graduate funding model, supervisors provide the additional $1,500 and the remainder is split 50-50 with the department.

Department/University Fellowships

Supervisor Stipend

*For international students in the funded cohort, the department covers the University Health Insurance Plan fees as part of the base funding package. (Note that MSc international students are charged at a higher tuition rate and the department provides the tuition fees differential.)

Major Award Holders

Major awards (greater than $10,000) will be counted toward the graduate funding package. The scholarship award funds will replace the equivalent in department/university fellowships and supervisor stipend support.

NSERC or OGS and QEII-GSST award holders will receive a bonus of $5,000 or $4,000 respectively as an entering first year student (paid by the department). The bonus amount is $3,000 for subsequent years (paid by the supervisor).

For awards of $10,000 and under, the following applies:

<$6,000 >$6,000
50% is paid as top-up and 50% is counted toward the graduate funding package. $3,000 is paid as top-up and the remainder is counted toward the graduate funding package.