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Below are three DDO spectra of the supernova SN 1999by discovered independently by R. Arbour in England and the Lick Observatory Supernova Search team. See the discovery announcement in IAU Circular 7156. The spectra shown here were obtained by Laszlo Kiss, Stefan Mochnacki and Jim Thomson on three nights, as indicated in the plots. The two strong Si II features at 5800 A and 6150 A clearly identify a Type Ia SN, as it was thought previously based on the hi-res spectrum obtained by Stefan Mochnacki and Jim Thomson.

spectra of SN1999by

These spectra are the result of a research program headed by Jozsef Vinko of JATE University, Szeged, Hungary in collaboration with Wen Lu, Jim Thomson and Stefan Mochnacki at DDO. Laszlo Kiss visited DDO from Hungary. Plot of spectra provided by Jozsef Vinko.

Posted May 14, 1999.
Updated September 24, 1999.