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Women in Astronomy

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Part Two: Women in Astronomy: a bibliography by Jean Louis Trudel

February 1997

Those interested in the topic of women on astronomy will find here a list of references that bear mostly on this subject and on that of women computers in astronomy, though it touches also on the presence and role of women in associated scientific fields, such as physics. The mention of some works also reflect my interest in Martha Betz Shapley. In some cases, only short passages in the works referenced deal with women in astronomy, but they are usually worth digging up.

The most significant discussions are probably found in the books by Rossiter, and by Jones and Boyd, in the booklets by Hoffleit, and in the articles by Mack, and by Lankford and Slavings. Some pointers to primary sources on the presence of women working in astronomy, such as the Annual Reports of the Director of Mount Wilson Observatory or the directories cataloguing the observatories and their astronomers between 1905 and 1930, roughly, are also provided. Lankford and Slavings refer to a database they have compiled for women in astronomy in North America, unpublished as far as I know.

I wish to thank, for useful additions and clarifications, Marlene Cummins, Owen Gingerich, Bernard Lightman, John R. Percy, Christine Ruggere, and Thomas R. Williams.

Note: "The Dyer's Hand" is the same book as the Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin autobiography edited by her daughter, Katherine Haramundanis.

Note: "Pickering's Harem" was a prize-winning paper submitted to Owen Gingerich's "Astronomical Perspectives" class some years ago. Around 1900 someone at Harvard asked a number of people to make an extensive diary of their work for one week, and this paper compares the diaries of Pickering and, if my source is correct, Mrs. Fleming. It is found in the Harvard Archives.


(See also separate update.)

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Part Three: Casual Update by Marlene Cummins,
Astronomy and Astrophysics Library, University of Toronto

The following items are ones that I happen to have come across- they are not the result of any systematic searching. If you would like to alert me to any additions please do so. library@astro.utoronto.ca

Last update of Part Three: February 16 2004


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Ackmann, Martha. The Mercury 13 : The Untold Story of Thirteen American Women and the Dream of Space Flight. Random House, 2003.

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McMillan, Dorothy. ed. Queen of science, personal recollections of Mary Somerville Edinburgh: Canongate Classics, 2001. xlii + 434pp. [Ms. Somerville was more of a general scientist than an astronomer, but she did translate LaPlace's Mecanique Celeste]

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Articles etc.

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or... http://www.casca.ca/ecass/issues/2003-se/

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Part Four: Vera Rubin's Personal Selection

This list originally appeared in AAS Committee on the Status of Women weekly issues of 10/13/99 and is copied here with permission from Dr. Rubin.

There is now a vast collection of books which include scholarly discussions and biographies of women in astronomy. If you expand to Women in Science, the list multiplies. MUST reading are two books by Margaret Rossiter, Women Scientists in America: Struggles and Strategies to 1940 (the most informative), and Before Affirmative Action 1940-1972. Both Johns Hopkins Press, 1982 and 1995. Every women scientist should read at least the first, to learn why we are where we are. This is just a start. There are numerous colleges with Center for the Education of Women (e.g. U Mich.), which publish booklets, etc. I thank the DTM librarian, Shaun Hardy for putting together a reading list some years ago, for an exhibit on Women in Astronomy which we assembled in the DTM library; some entries come from that list.

The following is a very personal list of books in my office or home, which I cherish. Many can be found in used book stores; some are now rare.

Hypatia, or New Foes with an Old Face (Novel about Hypatia, the "first woman astronomer" 400AD and a classic), Charles Kingsley, A.L. Burt, New York; no date, but VERY old. My book has pages which are so brown that it is difficult to read now.

Memoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel, Mary Cornwallis Herschel, Appleton, New York, 1876. Very nice, probably hard to find. CH collected works are included at end of the collected works of William Herschel. Michael Hoskin's book, William Herschel, WW Norton, 1963, also includes Caroline. Also The Herschel Chronicle: The Life Story of Sir William Herschel and His Sister Caroline Herschel, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1933. Also Caroline Herschel's Contributions to Astronomy, Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie, Annals of Science 32, 1975, 149-161

Maria Mitchell, by Phebe Mitchell Kendall (Sister), Lee and Shepard, Boston 1896. About the best there is on MM, but bland. Her sister burned her letters.

Maria Mitchell, First Lady of American Astronomy, Helen L. Morgan, Westminster Press, Philadelphia 1977. A kiddie book, but factual.

Sweeper of the Sky (Novel about MM), Helen Wright, Macmillian 1949.

The Prolific Pen of Agnes Clerke, Kenneth Weitzenhoffer, Sky and Telescope 70, 1985, 211-212. Agnes Clerke wrote wonderful fairly technical books on the history of astronomy at the start of this century: Agnes Mary Clerke, Problems in Astrophysics, London: A.& C. Black, 1903; The System of the Stars, London: Adam and Charles Black, 1905; A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century, London: Adam and Charles Black, 1908

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: An Autobiography and other Recollections, Haramundanis, Katherine, ed. Cambridge UNive. Press, 1984. Wonderful stories by a brilliant writer. Interesting for her view of her life.

Woman in Science, H. J. Mozans, (1913), reprint 1974 MIT Press, introduction by Mildred Dresselhaus. Mozans, a priest, wrote the book under a pseudonym while on sabbatical from Notre Dame, believing that there had been women in science, but that their story had never been told. One chaprter is on women in Astronomy. Until the first Rossiter book, this is where we went to learn.

The Harvard College Observatory: The First Four Directorships 1839-1919, Bessie Zaban Jones and Lyle Gifford Boyd. Chapter XI: A Field for Women describes the women hired by Pickering for 1/4th the salary of the men.

Women Astronomers, Deborah Jean Warner, Natural History 88 (May 1979), 12-26. Much of what I know about women in astronomy I learned from Debbie Warner. This is a wonderful source.

And more, with no comments:

Maria Mitchell: Nineteenth Century Astronomer, Astronomy Quarterly 5, No. 19, 1986, 133-150

Dorothea Klumpke Roberts: A Forgotten Astronomer, Mercury 10, 1981, 139-140

Women Astronomers, 400 AD to 1750, Herman S. Davis, Popular Astronomy 6, 1898, 128-138 and 211-228

Three Women of American Astronomy (Mitchell, Cannon, Payne- Gaposchkin), Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, American Scientist 78, 1990, 244-251

Women Astronomers in Britain 1780-1930, Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, ISIS 75, 1984, 534-546

Gender and Science: Women in American Astronomy 1859-1940, John Lankford and Rickey L. Slavings, Physics Today 43, March 1990, 58-65

Early Daughters of Urania, P.V. Rizzo, Sky and Telescope 14, 1954, 7-10

Edward Hill, My Daughter Beatrice: A Personal Memoir of Dr. Beatrice Tinsley, Astronomer, New York:APS, 1986


Women in Astronomy, STScI workshop, September 1992, ed. C. Megan Urry, Laura Danly, Lisa E. Sherbert and Shireen Gonzaga. Good articles, statistics, and references.

Origins: The Lives and Worlds of Modern Cosmologists, Alan Lightman and Roberta Brawer, Harvard University Press, (approx. 1990; the book is at home). Includes interviews with Vera Rubin (p 285-305), Sandra Faber (324-340), and Margaret Geller (359-377)

The Outer Circle: Women in the Scientific Community, Harriet Zuckerman, Jonathan R. Cole, and John T. Bruer, (approx 1995), interview with Andrea Dupree p 94-126, plus other brief women astronomer mention.

In AIP Masters of Modern Physics series: Visit to a Small Universe, Virginia Trimble, 1992 Bright Galaxies, Dark Matters, Vera Rubin, 1997 These are collections of mostly non-technical writings, some about women in Astronomy. VT includes Beartice M. Tinsley, p 285-293; VR includes E. Margaret Burbidge, 190-192. Our views of being a woman in science are dissimilar.

Women's Work: For women in science, a fair shake is still elusive, Vera Rubin, in Science 86, 1986, 58-65. This account of women in astronomy ends with the following: "A cable that was sent to me in 1978 is a testament to [women astronomers]. "Dear Madame" it reads, "You might appreciate hearing that four women astronomers are observing on Cerro Tololo tonight, on the four largest telescopes! We are M. H. Ulrich, M. T. Ruiz, P. Lugger, and L. Schweizer." I hope the sky was very clear that night."

[Dr. Rubin also mentioned some websites which are already included elsewhere.]

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